Most of the blogs are powered by WordPress these days. And regardless of whether you’re blogging on a part-time or full-time basis, WordPress will always be your most preferred blogging platform. However, to get started, it’s never enough to get a hosting package and a professional theme to go along it. You will also need… (0 comment)

There are many reasons that prove starting a blog. The obvious one is that a blog can make you a nice side-income, if not a full-time income that surpasses what you’re currently making. In fact, some popular blogs out there have been known to pull in over $100K in revenue each year. Those figures are… (0 comment)

Have you ever wondered, what’s the point of writing a regular email newsletter? Or coming up with blog posts? Why is everyone so insistent that counselors need to have content marketing skills? Well, here’s your answer – 10 reasons why every counselor should seriously consider having a source of a content [ezine, blogs, newsletters and more] regularly… (0 comment)